Dangerous Tastes

ISBN 10 : 0520236742
ISBN 13 : 9780520236745

"Delightful and complex. When Dalby blends the spices, the result is unique and irresistible."--Alan Davidson, author of The Oxford Companion to Food..

Patterns Of The Fantastic Ii

ISBN 10 : 9780916732875
ISBN 13 : 0916732878

Patterns II includes ten scholarly essays on a variety of science fiction themes and topics, as presented at ConStellation, the Forty-First World SF Convention, held at Baltimore, ..

The Book Of Dangerous Cocktails

ISBN 10 : 9781250159328
ISBN 13 : 1250159326

From the outrageously potent to the ganja-infused, the recipes in this book are an adventure in of themselves. Leave your go-to gin and tonic behind and shake up your next gatherin..


ISBN 10 : 9781861897053
ISBN 13 : 1861897057

Take a slice of bread. It’s perfectly okay in and of itself. Maybe it has a nice, crisp crust or the scent of sourdough. But really, it’s kind of boring. Now melt some cheese o..

Everyone Eats

ISBN 10 : 9780814704950
ISBN 13 : 0814704956

Florence Nightingale (1820-1920) is famous as the heroine of the Crimean War and later as a campaigner for health care founded on a clean environment and good nursing. Though best ..

The Birth Of Mankind

ISBN 10 : 0754638189
ISBN 13 : 9780754638186

Between 1540 and 1654, 'The Byrth of Mankynde' was a huge commercial success. Offering informaton on fertility, pregnancy, birth and infant care, it influenced most other works of ..