ISBN 10 : 9781139465199
ISBN 13 : 1139465198

Democracy identifies the general processes causing democratization and de-democratization at a national level across the world over the last few hundred years. It singles out integ..


ISBN 10 : 1583415327
ISBN 13 : 9781583415320

Examines democracies and democratic republics, presenting their strengths, weaknesses, and the institutions associated with them, with examples of how they are run in countries thr..


ISBN 10 : 9780307787378
ISBN 13 : 0307787370

Inez Victor knows that the major casualty of the political life is memory. But the people around Inez have made careers out of losing track. Her senator husband wants to forget the..


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ISBN 13 : 9780237526986

Democracy is a system of government that favours rule by the many rather than the few. However, a look back at history shows us that democracy is actually a fairly rare form of gov..

Democracy A Very Short Introduction

ISBN 10 : 9780192802507
ISBN 13 : 019280250X

No political concept is more used, and misused, than that of democracy. Looking at key case studies, this explores the history of the doctrine and practice of democracy, and of the..


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ISBN 13 : 9780415265881

What is democracy? Under what conditions does it thrive? What are the consequences of democracy? This book aims to answer these questions and more by exploring different varieties ..


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ISBN 13 : 0199837457

"Democracy: A Life holds out three unique research aims: a proper understanding of the origins and variety of ancient Greek democracies; a detailed account of the fate of democracy..