The Blank Slate

ISBN 10 : 1101200324
ISBN 13 : 9781101200322

A brilliant inquiry into the origins of human nature. "Sweeping, erudite, sharply argued, and fun to read..also highly persuasive." -Time Now updated with a new afterword One of th..

The Blank Slate

ISBN 10 : 9780141925912
ISBN 13 : 0141925914

"In a work of outstanding clarity and sheer brilliance Steven Pinker banishes forever fears that a biological understanding of human nature threatens humane values" - Helena Cronin..

The Blank Slate

ISBN 10 : 0142003344
ISBN 13 : 9780142003343

In a study of the nature versus nurture debate, one of the world's foremost experts on language and the mind explores the modern self-denial of our basic human natures...

Genesis Girl

ISBN 10 : 9781944816773
ISBN 13 : 1944816771

Eighteen-year-old Blanca has lived a sheltered life. Her entire childhood has been spent at Tabula Rasa School where she's been protected from the Internet. Blanca has never been o..

Blank Slate

ISBN 10 : 3899554655
ISBN 13 : 9783899554656

Includes over 1000 high resolution images on DVD, to enable graphic designers to construct three-dimensional views of their final products...

Damaged Goods

ISBN 10 : 9781945107481
ISBN 13 : 1945107480

Blanca has everything she ever wanted, a hot boyfriend named Seth and the loving support of her foster father, Cal. She's finally escaped the abusive control of her birth father, B..