The Blank Slate

ISBN 10 : 1101200324
ISBN 13 : 9781101200322

A brilliant inquiry into the origins of human nature. "Sweeping, erudite, sharply argued, and fun to read..also highly persuasive." -Time Now updated with a new afterword One of th..

The Blank Slate

ISBN 10 : 9780141925912
ISBN 13 : 0141925914

"In a work of outstanding clarity and sheer brilliance Steven Pinker banishes forever fears that a biological understanding of human nature threatens humane values" - Helena Cronin..

The Blank Slate

ISBN 10 : 0142003344
ISBN 13 : 9780142003343

In a study of the nature versus nurture debate, one of the world's foremost experts on language and the mind explores the modern self-denial of our basic human natures...

The Blank Slate

ISBN 10 : 5512628968
ISBN 13 : 9785512628966

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature is a best-selling 2002 book by Steven Pinker arguing against tabula rasa models of th..

Blank Slate

ISBN 10 : 1421519240
ISBN 13 : 9781421519241

What does it take to find your true inner self? Zen's memory has been wiped, and he can't remember if he's a killer or a hero. And a lot of people will do anything they can to keep..

The Blank Slate Boarding House For Creatives

ISBN 10 : 1482580489
ISBN 13 : 9781482580488

An epic battle between psychological manipulation and natural magic unfolds as Perjos, the world's greatest magician, returns to the Blank Slate Boarding House for Creatives to set..