The Coconut Ketogenic Diet

ISBN 10 : 9780941599948
ISBN 13 : 0941599949

You can enjoy eating rich, full-fat foods and lose weight without counting calories or suffering from hunger. The secret is a high-fat, ketogenic diet. Our bodies need fat. It’s ..

Coconut Ketogenic Diet

ISBN 10 : 1543029205
ISBN 13 : 9781543029208

Can A Simple Change of Diet Help Cure Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia, and Other Similar Diseases? Alzheimer's was first discovered in 1906, which means that scientists have had a ce..

Ketone Therapy

ISBN 10 : 9781936709137
ISBN 13 : 1936709139

The ketogenic diet is one that is very low in carbohydrate, high in fat, with moderate protein. This diet shifts the body into a natural, healthy metabolic state known as nutrition..

The Coconut Oil Miracle 5th Edition

ISBN 10 : 9781101662748
ISBN 13 : 1101662743

A completely revised and updated guide for maximizing the health and beauty benefits of coconut oil For years, The Coconut Oil Miracle has been a reliable guide for men and women a..

Dr Fife S Keto Cookery

ISBN 10 : 0941599973
ISBN 13 : 9780941599979

A ketogenic diet is one that is very low in carbohydrate and high in fat, with moderate protein. Such a diet shifts the body into an ultra-efficient metabolic state in which fat is..

The Complete Idiot S Guide To The Coconut Oil Diet

ISBN 10 : 9781615643394
ISBN 13 : 1615643397

For many years, coconut oil has been anecdotally credited with relieving and even curing a wide variety of the most deadly diseases and conditions. Recent evidence suggests that, t..

The Keto Cookbook

ISBN 10 : 9781617050930
ISBN 13 : 1617050938

The Keto Cookbook is for those using the ketogenic diet to treat pediatric epilepsy and other neurologic conditions. Each of the 96 recipes for breakfast and brunch, appetizers and..