The End Of Men

ISBN 10 : 9781101596920
ISBN 13 : 1101596929

“You have to…play by the rules so you can get to the top and change things.” -- Sheryl Sandberg A landmark portrait of women, men, and power in a transformed world Men have b..

The End Of Men

ISBN 10 : 9780241964415
ISBN 13 : 0241964415

What Betty Friedan, Simone de Beauvoir, Susan Faludi and Naomi Wolf did for feminism, senior editor of The Atlantic Hanna Rosin does for a new generation of women: an explosive new..

The End Of Men

ISBN 10 : 9780670922642
ISBN 13 : 0670922641

Men have been the dominant sex since, well, the dawn of mankind. But this is no longer true. Women are no longer catching up with men. By almost every measure, they are outperformi..

The End Of Men

ISBN 10 : 9780062569011
ISBN 13 : 0062569015

The novel that inspired the acclaimed Rebecca Miller film Maggie's Plan, starring Julianne Moore, Ethan Hawke, and Greta Gerwig. Isabel, Anna, Beth, and Maggie are women who aren..

Angry White Men

ISBN 10 : 9781568589626
ISBN 13 : 156858962X

"Kimmel has made a career out of being what you might call a man-translator."-The Atlantic The white American male voter is alive and well--and angry as hell. Sociologist Michael K..

The Children Of Men

ISBN 10 : 9780307773449
ISBN 13 : 0307773442

Told with P. D. James's trademark suspense, insightful characterization, and riveting storytelling, The Children of Men is a story of a world with no children and no future. The hu..

Women After All Sex Evolution And The End Of Male Supremacy

ISBN 10 : 9780393246544
ISBN 13 : 039324654X

“A sparkling, thought-provoking account of sexual differences. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you’ll find his conclusions gripping.”—Jared Diamond There is a human gene..