The Legendary Bruce Lee

ISBN 10 : 0897501063
ISBN 13 : 9780897501064

Examines the life of martial artist and actor Bruce Lee, following him from his formative years in Hong Kong to his controversial death; discusses his training methods and philosop..

The Treasures Of Bruce Lee

ISBN 10 : 1476886849
ISBN 13 : 9781476886848

Chronicles the life and career of the legendary actor and martial artist, told through previously unpublished photographs and family archive documents...

Bruce Lee

ISBN 10 : 1852866136
ISBN 13 : 9781852866136

Some say he's the ghost of a dead man who never found peace; others insist he's flesh and blood. But whatever he may be - the shadow who haunts the fog-shrouded streets of San Fran..

Chinese Gung Fu

ISBN 10 : 0897501128
ISBN 13 : 9780897501125

An exact facsimile edition of Bruce Lee's original book, a rare collector's item first published in 1963. This book includes stances, training and techniques against single and mul..

Bruce Lee S Fighting Method

ISBN 10 : 0897500539
ISBN 13 : 9780897500531

The legendary fighter teaches how to perform jeet kune do's most devastating strikes and exploit an opponent's weaknesses with crafty counterattacks like finger jabs and spin kicks..

Martial Arts Of The World A Q

ISBN 10 : 9781576071502
ISBN 13 : 1576071502

"Did you know that the martial arts include such former Western pursuits as dueling, gunfighting, and gladiatorial combat? Nearly 100 articles by scholars discuss specific martial ..